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Terms of Sales
at Le Clos des Pins campsite

Aerial view of Le Clos des Pins campsite in Saint-Hilaire de Riez

General conditions for renting a mobile home or a pitch

Booking a stay implies full acceptance of our general conditions.

1/ Renting’s Conditions

The reservation becomes official only with the campsite’s approval, after the receveing of the deposite and the contract filled and signed or after the validation of the renting’s conditions during an online booking. The booking of a mobil-home or a camp ground is strictly for your own use, in other terms, you cannot sublet or give your renting up to someone else without the approval of the campsite’s director. The campsite offers family stays, in a traditional meaning, the accomodations are made for that purpose. The campsite can cancel all reservations that would go against its principles. Minors have to be accompanied by their parents or their legal guardians. A maximum of 6 persons are allowed on the camp grounds, babies included. The campsite can add supplements or refuse the acces to groups coming with an amount of people superior to what has been declared during the booking. The booking fees of 21€ are only applied during the high season (july, august), there’s none for the low season. All specific requests (choice of location, groups reservation, etc…) the campsite promise to consider them but cannot promise to satisfy all requests.

2/ Prices

The prices declared are valid for the current year, VAT included. The price covers the lodging, the use of water, electricity and gas, the parking spot and the access to the campsite’s infrastructures. The prices given by the campsite don’t have contractual value and so can be changed without notice. The contractual price is the one announced during the reservation.

3/ Payment’s Conditions

In Mobil-homes, an 30% deposite is asked for all stays booked more than 30 days before the arrival. The stay’s balance has to be payed off at least 30 days before the arrival. For all stays booked 30 days under the arrival, everything has to be payed during the reservation.

For camping pitches, a deposit of 46€ is asked during the booking. In high season, the deposite is 67€ (46€ + 21€ for the booking fees) is asked during the booking. The balance can be paid at the arrival.

4/ Total Absence of Rights to Retractation

In accordance with article L. 121-28 of the French Consumer Code, the campsite informs its guests that all stays booked after a specific date, or a specific period of time, is not subjected to the 14 days’ rights of retractation.

5/ Cancellation and modification

    1. Modification of your stay
    2. The guests can ask the modification of their stay (dates, accomodation’s type, options) in writing adressed to the campsite (email or letter) if it is possible and after the disponibilities. No postpone for the next year, will be allowed. In absence of modification, the clients will have to take their stay on the initial conditions of reservation or to cancel the stay with the insurance’s condition (Campez Couvert). For all camping’ stays, and as long as the stay isn’t fully paid, modifications won’t be taken in consideration for the balance’s payment.

    3. Late arrival or early departure
    4. No discount will be offered by the campsite, for late arrivals or early departures, except if you took the Campez Couvert’s insurance.

    5. Cancellation of your stay
    6. Cancellations have to be announced to the campsite in writing, as soon as possible. With no news from you, saying you must arrive later than expected, the accomodation will be available for renting again, 24h after your expected arrival, and so, you’ll lose your booking. No refunds accepted for cancellations. Il est We recommend to subscribe to the insurance « Campez Couvert ». The insurance is not refundable and has to be entierly paied during the reservation.

6/ Stay’s Rules

Accompanied by the contract, filed and signed, you can pay your stay either by bank check, cash, bank transfer or by credit card, at least 30 days before your arrival.

7/ Animals

Pets are accepted in specific mobil-homes and with an extra charge of 25€ per stay. For the camping pitches, the extra charge is 2.75€ per night. Pets have to be declared during the reservation. Only dogs from category 1 and 2 (potentially dangerous dogs) are banned from the campsite. All animals have to respect the well-being of other guests such as the security, hygiene and calmness. (2 pets max. per mobil-homes or camp-grounds). Your pet has to be leashed when walked in the campsite and never left alone in your absence. Their vaccination cards has to be showed at your arrival. Pets are not allowed at the swimming pool or on the kids’ playground.

8/ Your Stay

    1. Your arrival
    2. In low season, arrivals can be done everyday. In high season (July and August) arrivals in mobil-homes are done on Wednesday and Saturday only at 4pm. Everyday for camping at 3pm. For mobil-homes, a 350€ deposit has to be given at your arrival.

    3. During your stay
    4. The campsite assumes no liability in case of thefts, fire, bad weather, etc. and in case of incident involving someone’s civil liability. Technical problems have to be reported at the reception during your stay to be solved as soon as possible. In absence of report, any afterward complaints will be ignored. Guests have to respect the the rules and regulations.

    5. Your departure
    6. Mobil-homes have to be freed before 10am and camping spots before 12pm. The accomodation has to be perfectly cleaned, all broken items are invoiced. The deposit of 350€ is given back to you after the check out. The campsite has the right to hold 95€ from the deposit for all degradations during your stay or if the mobil-home is left unclean. If the amount of the degradations is above 95€, an extra charge can be asked. For late departures, an extra charge of the price of a night can be invoiced.

9/ Litigations and mediation

Potential disputes are La Roche/Yon’s court’s jurisdiction only. In case of a dispute and after reporting to the campsite’s directors, all clients have the right to refer to a mediator, in a period of a year maximum at the date of the complaint sent by letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The contact of the mediator is : La Société Médiation Professionnelle, 24 rue Albert de Mun, 33000 Bordeaux. Any demands about the non-compliance of the services according to the contract signed, can be reported directly to the campsite’s owner.

10/ Data and protection

In accordance with the data and protection act of January 6th, 1978, modified in 2004, you have the right to access and to correct your informations, a right you can apply by contacting the campsite’s managment : Camping la Plage, 106 avenue de la pège 85270 SAINT HILAIRE DE RIEZ. You also can, for legitimate reasons, can go against your data process. About the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), practiced since May 25th, 2018, data collected Campings COLLINET are only used within Campings COLLINET for administrative and promotion’s uses (newsletters, bookings, etc...) and are saved for a period of time strictly necessary, according to the law. Which means the period can vary between a few days and a few years.

11/ Image

You allow Campings COLLINET to take pictures or to record you during your stay at the campsite and to use those records or pictures, on any media (such as the website or social networks ─ Facebook and Instagram ─ on promotion’s media and touristic’s guides). This permission is applied for you and the people staying with you. It has only a promotion and animation’s purposes and will, in any way, ruin your reputation. This permission is free of use and has no limits in time.

If you disagree with this process, thanks to let the campsite know.

12/ Rules and regulations

By staying in the campsite, you automatically accept the rules and reggulations and so agree to respect them. All infringements to the rules and regulations can lead to your expulsion.

    1. Behaviour, appearance and installations
    2. Tent, la caravan or camping-car and its material, has to be settled at the exact spot given at your arrival. You must keep your ground safe and clean. Plants and trees must be respected. It is forbidden to : dig holes in the ground, to play ball, to cut off branches, etc, on your ground. Electric Cars must not be plugged on the campsite’s electrical installation.

    3. BBQ
    4. Only electric or gas BBQ are allowed on the campsite.

    5. Reception
    6. Opened from 9am to 12:30pm and from 2 :30pm to 6pm, you’ll find all information about the campsite’ services but also what you can do in the surroundings and the touristics spots to visit.

    7. Noises and silence
    8. Campsite’s users must avoid all noises and discussion that might annoy their neighbors. Full silence is required between 11pm and 7am. For your information, a night patrol is settled in high season. If these rules are not respected, the directors have the right to put an end to the contract and so to expel the clients immediatly and with no refund.

    9. Visitors
    10. Visitors are welcomed between 9am to 8pm and are under your responsability. They have to ask the approval and inform the reception who they are visiting. All visits over 2h long, have to be paid according to the prices displayed at the reception. The directors have the right to limit the visits during crowded periods. The clients are responsible for their visitors.

    11. Traffic and parking of vehicles
    12. Inside the campsite, vehicles (cars, bikes, scooters, etc) have to run at 10km/h maximum. Traffic inside the campsite has to be stopped between 11pm at 7am. You can only have one car parked inside the campsite and beside your accommodation only, other vehicles have to be parked on the outer parking.

    13. Security
    14. Fire extinguishers can be used by anyone only in emergency. A first aid kit (defibrillator included) can be found at the reception. Everybody must be aware of the risks even if we do everything to keep the campsite safe.

    15. Responsabilities
    16. The campsite is in no case responsible for robberies, loss or dammages of any kind, during or after your stay. The campsite is also non responsible for the breakdowns of the technical materials or the infrastructures, for the damaged caused by vehicles isnide the campsite.

    17. Swinmming pools
    18. Swimming boxers or shorty are allowed. You can use a swimming short if the latter is cleaned and above the knees. During the high season, you have to keep your bracelet around your wrist all your stay long.