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4-star campsite / Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez / Vendée 85 / France
Buy a mobile home in a campsite in Vendée near the beaches
Fitted kitchen of a mobile home for sale in Vendée
Yearly plot rental for mobile homes in Vendée

Pitch rental per year at the campsite
La Prairie in Saint-Hilaire (French Atlantic Coast)

Devenez propriétaire au Camping La Prairie à Saint Hilaire de Riez

D’avril à septembre, devenez résident au camping en achetant votre propre mobil-home. Vous pourrez profiter de votre résidence secondaire en toute liberté, pour vous, votre famille ou vos amis pendant 6 mois de l’année !

Vous souhaitez réduire vos charges annuelles ? Aucun problème, le camping peut s’occuper de la location de votre mobil-home en période estivale (mentionnant une commission). Vous pouvez également vous occupez de cette gestion locative.

L’installation du mobil-home au camping

Pour installer un mobil-home sur notre camping, vous devez passer par la société SIBLU. Elle est spécialisée dans la vente de mobil-homes neufs et d’occasions et s’occupe du service après-vente. Si vous souhaitez en visiter ou avoir plus de renseignements, un parc de vente SIBLU est situé à côté du camping La Plage, à 2 minutes de La Prairie.

The pitch

You own a mobile home but not the pitch. Rent one per year, with the possibility of renewing the contract before the end of the term.You may keep your mobile home at the camping as long you wish.You, simply, should make sure that it is well kept and in harmony with the standards of the campsite for everyone’s well-being.

Over time, if the pitch no longer suits you, you can change provided there is disponibilty. You will be charged for the transfer and the amount will depend on the distance and the degree of difficulty.

Pets are accepted at the campsite

Well behaving cats and dogs are accepted.Out of respect and for security reasons, your pet must be kept on leash and only an adult can walk it in the campsite. It must be tatooed and vaccinated.

Mobile home for sale near the beaches in Saint-Hilaire 85

Renting out your mobile-home in Saint-Hilaire

You can reduce the cost of the pitch by renting your mobile home. In such a case, we receive the customers and show them to the mobile home, we hand them the keys, we take care of the inventory and we do final cleaning.
This way, some of the owners wish to reduce the yearly fees. Others want to keep their mobile home for themselves, their family and friends.

Terrace of a mobile home for sale in Saint-Hilaire 85
Parental bedroom of a mobile home all year round in Vendée
View of the living room of a mobile home for sale in Vendée near the beaches
Shower room and shower of a mobile home for sale in Vendée
Children's room in a mobile home for sale at La Prairie campsite
Residential mobile home at La Prairie campsite in Vendée
Kitchen equipped with a residential mobile home at the campsite in Saint-Hilaire

Yearly fees

Water and electricity consumption during the season are included in the yearly price of the pitch.
However, you should forsee additional expenses :
- The setting up of your mobile home
- Gas comsumption
- Maintenance of the water-heater
- Annual insurance of your mobile home
- Winter preparation.
- Vérification des extincteurs.

Over our 3 campsites, more than 500 owners have trusted us and have been satisfied by this method.

Buying or selling your mobile home

Contact our partner if you’re interested in buying a new or second-hand mobile home
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We have several brands of mobile home on offer: O’Hara, IRM, Ridorey, etc.